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Founded in April of 2019, Open the BlackBox is dedicated to supporting Shiori Ito and rebuilding communities in crisis and advocating for victims of sexual violence.


Open the BlackBox named itself after the hidden manner in which it says such crimes are investigated and tried in Japan. Ms. Ito came to the trial with a purpose to open the BlackBox which she confronted with when she filed a criminal complaint and found problems hidden under the course of a civil lawsuit.

Ms. Ito said, "There are many elements that can be described as a 'black box' in investigations and judicial proceedings related to sex crimes because nothing is disclosed to the victim. I hope through the civil lawsuit that details of those elements are brought to light and that it serves as a catalyst to think about the current judicial system."


We Open the BlackBox began our activities with a strong determination and resolution to open the blackbox together with Ms. Ito in the course of this trial.


We ask for your support.

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